Hey there sexy, if you need help acquiring the Junk, i'm totally on your side.

The fringe is delighted to know you’re on its side, and gladly accepts your help~

The Balls are on to this evil plan The Fingers & The Fringe have planned…



It will fail.

You no good cheese making Fringe.. STAY AWAY FROM MY JUNK D::::::::::::

The balls are underestimating the fringe. The fringe doesn’t mean to become a homewrecker or something of that kind - it just can’t help but love the junk dearly.

This is what the perfect fringe looks like

and this blog is going to be full of it.

You can now contact/ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask to Alex James’ fringe. It will gladly answer any of its worshippers, and even the fools/people with shitty tastes/Gallagher brothers who do not adore it.

Now, let the fun begin! But before - please note that if you decide to follow that Tumblr (and the fringe knows that you’re probably going to do that), you’ll have to deal with not only the fringe, its stunning beauty, and its ego, but also with some of its favorite things which include cheese, bass, parties, astronomy, Graham Coxon and many more.

Okay, now you’re ready.